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Alicia Boscarelli, MS

Functional & Integrative Nutritionist

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Kerri Felmlee, MS, RDN/LD, CDE

Functional & Integrative Nutritionist

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Consults & Fees

New Client Appointments Include:

  • A review of previous lab work, past healthcare providers' notes, and other pertinent information from the preceding 6-12 months (1-2 hours prep time prior to consult).
  • A detailed review of your New Client Intake paperwork (1-2 hours prep time prior to your consult).
  • A review of your current supplements.
  • An 80 minute consult with one of our highly skilled Functional & Integrative Nutritionists.
  • A detailed individualized plan sent to you after your consult including Diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations specific to your case.
  • Recipes and other pertinent handouts specific to your case.
  • Discounted functional/specialty lab testing via our clinic if advanced lab testing desired.
  • 10% off professional grade supplements via our online dispensary.

Initial Consult: 80 minutes; $225

Follow-up: 60 minutes; $150

Follow-up: 30 minutes; $99

Grocery Store trip: $125/hr

*15 minute Phone Consult: Complimentary.

*The Complimentary phone consult allows you to discuss your health needs and goals with one of our Nutritionists. This is a chance for you to learn more about our approach and ask questions. This will help you determine if we'll be a good fit for you. You will gain a few nuggets of practical advice and guidance but please note that these complimentary phone consults are not full consults. No written plan or paperwork will be given to you during or after these complimentary phone consults. This option can be utilized once per person. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to become a paying client.


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