Alicia Boscarelli, MS

Functional & Integrative Nutritionist

Alicia Boscarelli is excited to be part of the team at Thrive Medical. Alicia has a master’s degree in human nutrition and firsthand experience with autoimmune illness.

Exposed to healthy living at a young age (her father worked for Jack LaLanne), Alicia’s own lifelong interest in nutrition and fitness was inspired by her father’s passion for good health and well-being. The loss of her father to cancer impelled her to pursue a master’s degree, as during his treatment, she experienced the disconnect between conventional medicine and the human spirit.

Alicia Boscarelli.JPG

For Alicia, it is important to be able to counsel people on their health from a holistic perspective, treating the client, not just the symptoms. She chose the University of Bridgeport for her degree, as its evidence-based program uses a functional medicine approach founded upon the biochemical and physiological study of nutrition and its role in health and disease. She is confident that her education has provided her the knowledge and skills to recognize the biochemical individuality and personalized care needed to provide effective, customized nutritional recommendations.

In addition to her master’s degree, Alicia has worked as a vitamin consultant at Natural Grocers in Norman. This experience not only allowed her to see how lifestyle and dietary changes can dramatically improve the lives of individuals, but it also gave her a strong foundation of knowledge for the often-confusing plethora of supplements on the market. Ironically, once she went back to school, her health declined from the stress of combining work and study.  She reclaimed her health using the functional medicine perspective, and it is her desire to educate others to do as she has done.